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Sunday, December 01, 2013

25 Day of Christmas Cocktails, Day 1: Spanish Coffee

Photo: Stuart Mullenberg
This holiday season, we've teamed up with Anu Apte of Seattle's beloved Rob Roy bar to bring you 25 Days of Christmas Cocktails. Today, we're kicking off the series with a cozy—not to mention boozy—Spanish Coffee. Whip one up and settle in for a month full of festive cocktails.

3/4 oz. 151-proof rum
1/2 oz. triple sec 
2 oz. Kahlúa
3 oz. fresh-brewed coffee
Tools: lighter or matches
Glass: sugar-rimmed red wine or Irish coffee glass (make sure it's tempered)
Garnish: lightly whipped cream and sprinkling of ground nutmeg

Add the rum and the triple sec to the sugar-rimmed glass and carefully ignite. Add Kahlúa (the flame should go out at this point) and top with hot coffee. Garnish.

Huber’s Café, Portland, Oregon