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Friday, October 04, 2013

Mon Sherry: 6 Cocktails to Celebrate Sherry Fest

Photo: Stuart Mullenberg
The second annual NYC Sherry Fest starts this Saturday, promising three sherry-filled days of dinners, classes and tastings. However, if find that you can’t make it to NYC on such short notice, host your own personal sherry fest in the comfort of your home by mixing up one of these sherry-based cocktails.

Building a cocktail around sherry is a great way to mix up a low-alcohol cocktail that still packs a punch. The Adonis, which dates back to the 1880s is a classic example, and with just three ingredients, there’s no reason not to mix one up.

With a distinctive fruity depth from both reposado tequila and a dose of pear liqueur, this sherry-heavy cocktail’s transparent appearance belies its warming heft.

Sultry and supple, this mix of Armagnac, sherry and honey-sweetened liqueur is delicious any time of year.

A smoky, powerful cocktail from our 2013 Cocktail Bar of the Year, NYC’s Pouring Ribbons, this unexpected mix of flavors shows off sherry’s unique and surprising versatility.

Aside from being fun to say, this cozy cocktail is a study in how to enjoy gin when the cold weather sets in.

One of the Martini’s many relatives, in the Tuxedo, sherry stands in for the traditional dry vermouth, bringing a nutty richness and satisfying dryness.