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Friday, September 20, 2013

Endless Summer: 7 Classic Tiki Drinks for Summer’s Final Days

Sad to see summer go? Then hang on to every last minute of warmth and sunshine by mixing up the quintessential warm-weather drink: a tiki cocktail. Even if the rest of you is less than toasty, these nostalgic, delicious tiki classics will keep your mind solidly in the land of sun, sand and 80º surf.

Jersey City isn’t exactly a tropical paradise, but that didn’t stop New Jersey native Natalie Jacob from finding inspiration in the city’s historic Hamilton Park neighborhood for creating this riff on the classic tiki drink, the Queen’s Park Swizzle.

We love the spicy-smoky combo of mezcal and ginger beer in this unique tropical cocktail. “It pays tribute to Laka, the Hawaiian goddess of song and dance—patroness of hula dancers,” says Susan Eggett of Forbidden Island, a tiki lounge in San Francisco’s East Bay.

Created by Jeff “Beach Bum” Berry, the reigning King of all things tiki, for Tiki-Ti, an LA landmark, this drink’s unbeatable combination of aged rum, spices, lime, orange and ginger will keep you mixing and sipping all winter long. Click here for the recipe.
Photo: Stuart Mullenberg

A true salute to the indisputably delicious original, this concoction calls Campari to the forefront, while Jamaican rum, orgeat and fresh lime keep it closely on track with the more traditional Mai Tai.

Who doesn’t love a Piña Colada? The ultimate in poolside indulgence is just as much of a treat fireside.

This over-the-top cocktail embodies the sense of fun and imagination that makes tiki drinks so appealing.

Say “aloha” to this taste of paradise from Hawaii barkeep Brice Ginardi, who opened the Okolemaluna Lounge on the Big Island last year. His Wicked Wahine takes a traditional tiki formula and gives it special treatment with fresh, natural ingredients.