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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Minty Cocktails for Summer

Photo: Stuart Mullenberg
From the Mint Julep to the Mojito, mint is the herbal star of summertime sipping. Whether you’re plucking it fresh from the garden or grabbing it from the store, here are 6 recipes that’ll help you make the most of mint this summer.

Playing off the classic southern flavors of sweet tea and mint, this could be the ultimate breakfast cocktail.

An ideal cocktail for lounging in the backyard on a warm day, just pair with a hammock and a book, and you’ve got the perfect lazy afternoon.

Matcha powder combines with mint, lime and simple syrup over a tall glass full of ice. Sip and be revived.

This drink combines mint with a double dose of celery in the form of syrup and bitters. Just add genever and a generous mountain of crushed ice, and enjoy!

This refreshing combo of gin, mint, cucumber, citrus and simple syrup is a delicious riff on a Cucumber Collins.

Rum’s the word in this icy swizzle that calls for a handful of fresh mint.