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Thursday, May 02, 2013

5 Modern Juleps for Derby Day

Photo: Stuart Mullenberg
It’s off to the races come Kentucky Derby day on Saturday, and for us, that means one thing—Mint Juleps! Predating Prohibition, the Mint Julep has inspired frosty, refreshing riffs aplenty—here are five modern-day variations to try (along with the classic, of course).

Cinnamon, cracked pepper and nutmeg sprinkle some apple pie spice into this rye and apple brandy julep from Austin’s Drink. Well. 

Think celery is just for salads? Not so—it adds a bright, savory burst to cocktails, like this one mixed with fresh mint and genever.

Fresh apricot syrup adds a splash of stone fruit flavor to this rye- and Cognac-spiked julep. 

Genever, raspberry syrup and pineapple preserves make for a lively, fruity take on a Jerry Thomas original. 

A handful of garden-fresh spearmint and a mountain of crushed ice keep this summery genever julep nice and cool.