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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dinnertime Drinks—Imbibe 75ers on Their Evening Sips

In need of a little inspiration for your Tuesday-evening tipples? We checked in with a few of our Imbibe 75 personalities to see what they’ll be drinking with dinner tonight—here’s what they had to say.

This evening, natural wine advocate and Imbibe 75 Wine Person of the Year Alice Feiring scored a dinner invite that includes popping the corks on a few old, Italian gems, including Barolos from Rocche dei Manzoni. “Looking forward to the 1982 and 1985!” says The Feiring Line founder. 

“It’s raining out and cold (well, for San Diego),” says owner of some of San Diego’s top beer spots and our Beer Person of the Year, Scot Blair. “So spicy oxtail ramen is in order with an Anchor California Lager—perfecto.”

New York Distilling co-founder and Imbibe 75 person to watch Allen Katz can look forward to cracking open a cold can of Narragansett Porter after work this evening. “A cold porter is a soothing way to ease off the gas pedal and still have something with rich flavor,” he says.

And we got not one, but two votes for sherry this evening—Houston-based bartender (and soon-to-be bar owner) Alba Huerta plans to pour herself a glass of La Guita Manzanilla to go alongside a steaming bowl of mussels, while owner of Seattle’s Vessel, Jim Romdall will sip some amontillado. Dinner for Romdall is still TBD (depending on “what looks good at the butcher on my way home from work today,” he says), “but amontillado is a safe guess as it's usually the dinner drink of choice.”

As for us, we’re thinking a cocktail is in order—specifically one that showcases some of the featured flavors from our Imbibe 75 Issue, like the sultry pear and Armagnac Pret a Poire, the Aperol-flavored Veronica Rose sparkler, or the crème de cassis-brightened Sea of Cortez—or maybe all three! Click here, here and here for the recipes.

How about you—what’s on your drinks docket for this evening? Chime in on FB and let us know!