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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Your Spirited Dinner Now!

Tales of the Cocktail is kicking off next week, and among the dizzying lineup of events is the annual Spirited Dinners Series. Happening on Thursday, July 26 at restaurants across New Orleans, the Spirited Dinners pair some of Nola's best chefs with bartenders from around the world. Tickets have been selling fast,  but there's still time to score seats at some fantastic dinners.

Over at the Degas House, you'll find the Pink Pigeon Original Spirited Creole Picnic, which will pair Creole cuisine from chef Scott Graig with rum cocktails from bartenders Kate Grutman and Lynette Marrero, plus live music by Joe Hall and the Louisiana Cane Cutters.

At Iris, Alex Day, Tim Master and Misty Kalkofen are teaming up with talentedchef  Ian Schnoebelen for a night of cocktails and culinary flavors from around the globe.  Each of the four courses will be paired with a spirit and inspired by its country of origin.  You'll start in Mexico where Ilegal Mezcal is produced, fly over to Scotland for some Edinburgh Gin, Pig’s Nose and Sheep Dip Scotch Whiskies, and end up in France sipping on some Chartreuse.

And at Redemption, you can check out the The Fruits of Our Labor Dinnerwhich will highlight the importance of fresh ingredients in the culinary and cocktail worlds.  Chef Greg Picolo will be cooking up dishes with true Louisiana flair, and Ava Kopieczek will crafts cocktails using organic or all-natural spirits and local produce to create a dining experience that represents the bountiful offerings of a Louisiana summer.

These are just a few of the dinners happening across the city—you can click here for a full list of this year's lineup. These dinners are always a fun to way experience the flavors of New Orleans and get a feel for the city's culinary energy, so be sure to get tickets while they're available!