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Friday, January 27, 2012

Drink of the Week: Tempus Fugit Crème de Menthe

Once a staple ingredient in pre-Prohibition cocktails like the Fallen Angel and the Stinger, crème de menthe fell somewhat into obscurity in the years that followed. But recently, the minty liqueur has been re-emerging, and today’s Drink of the Week is a testament to that trend. The crème de menthe from Tempus Fugit Spirits infuses peppermint and spearmint in a base of distilled botanicals and cane sugar for a complex cocktail ingredient that’s packed with pure, fresh mintiness, flavors of fresh herbs and spice, and a silky mouthfeel. Add a splash to a mug of hot cocoa, or try it in any number of cocktails that call for a dose of minty brightness.
$30, klwines.com