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Friday, November 11, 2011

Drink of the Week: Sumatra Lake Tawar from Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

You can bet when a former teacher gets into the coffee business he’s going to do his homework, and for the man behind today’s Drink of the Week—the Sumatra Lake Tawar from San Diego-based Bird Rock—that discipline has paid off. It was a decade ago when then English professor Chuck Patton received a home roaster from his wife, and he was instantly smitten, so much so that he set out to launch his own coffee company. Today Patton is direct-importing single-origin beans from around the world and roasting some of the best coffees in SoCal. And we’re not the only ones to notice—Roast magazine recently named Bird Rock its 2012 Micro Roaster of the Year. We’re particularly fond of the Sumatra Lake Tawar—it’s earthy and dense, with traces of dark chocolate and a kiss of grapefruit and dried cherries on the finish.
$15.75/12 oz., birdrockcoffeeroasters.com