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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Auchentoshan Names the Top Finalists for the Auchentoshan Switch

Last summer, Auchentoshan announced the The Auchentoshan Switch, where two bartenders in the US and the UK will swap positions for two weeks to work in one of New York City’s and London’s most prestigious bars. To enter, bartenders submitted videos of themselves creating cocktails with Auchentoshan Three Wood, and the votes are in. The top 20 US finalists will travel to Las Vegas on October 26 to participate in a live competition hosted by the United States Bartenders’ Guild, and the winner will travel to the UK early next year to work at famed 69 Colebrooke Row. The UK finale in London will take place on October 24, and the winning bartender will be sent to New York City. Here's a list of the finalists:

Jeff Bell, PDT, New York City
Amber Berry, Ward III, New York City
Gina Chersevani, PS7’s, Washington, DC
David Curiel, Dalva Hideout, San Francisco
Michael Flannery, Michaels, New York City
Abigail Gullo, The Beagle, New York City
Dev Johnson, Employees Only, New York City
Charles Joly, The Drawing Room, Chicago
Mirjana “Mindy” Kucan, Grand Prize Bar, Houston
Jason Littrell, Death & Co, New York City
Ian McCarthy, Boiler Room, Omaha
Alexandra Parks, Green Russell, Denver
Zachary Safron, Metro, Lafayette
Steve Schneider, Employees Only, New York City
Rachel Sergei, The Jack Rose, Washington, DC
David Shenaut, Kask/Rum Club, Portland
Ezra Star, Drink, Boston
Lucinda Sterline, Little Branch, New York City
Clinton Terry, PX, Alexandria
Jenn Tosatto, Manifesto, Kansas City

Martin Ball, Corrido, Manchester
Divyesh Chauhan, Match Bar, London
Matthew Dakers, Whistling Shop, London
Kevin Griffin, The Raconteur, Edinburgh
Andrew Harrod, Wabi, London
Richard Hunt, Hawksmore, London
Scott Ingram, Blythswood Square, Glasgow
Alex Kratena, Artesian, London
Simon La Moon, Zetter Townhouse, London
Bruce Lerman, Epernay Champagne Bar, Leeds
Antonino Lo Iacono, The Dukes Hotel, London
Giuseppe Miggiano, The Bar at Chancery Court, London
Khalil Moh’d Lahham, Donovan’s Bar/Brown’s Hotel, London
Martyn Nicol, Blythswood Square, Glasgow
Matt Roberts, Quo Vardis, London
Andreas Tsanos, Lonsdale, Notting Hill
Tom Walker, Bramble, Edinburgh
Sam Watson, Purl, London
Faye Woodcock, The Blind Pig, Glasgow