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Friday, August 19, 2011

Drink of the Week: Numi Pu-erh Iced Tea

This time of year, nothing hits the spot like a glass of iced tea, but when it comes to grabbing a ready-to-drink bottle on the go, many are packed with sugar, making them less-than-refreshing. But today’s Drink of the Week—bottled pu-erh teas from Numi—offer a pure taste of the tea leaves they were steeped from. An ancient style of tea that undergoes an extended fermentation process, pu-erh is alluringly earthy, and Numi’s bottled pu-erhs are available in several flavors, including a classic version, as well mint, jasmine, peach, mango and Earl Grey. And for more on pu-erh, check out “Bold & Beautiful” from our January/February 2009 issue.
$12/pack of 6, shopnumitea.com