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Thursday, July 07, 2011

The 2011 Tour de Fat Is Rolling Out Across the U.S.

The July/August issue of Imbibe is all about summer fun, so naturally we're looking toward all of the festivals and outdoor activities taking place over the next few months, and one thing we're always excited to see is the Tour de Fat. In the July/August issue, writer Joshua Bernstein explores the connection between the biking and beer communities, and New Belgium's annual Tour de Fat is a perfect example of this. The 2011 tour kicked off on June 25 in Durham, NC, but there are still 12 more stops across the country. As always, one person in each city will be chosen to hand over their car (title and keys included) to the Tour de Fat altar in exchange for a custom-built commuter bike with lots of bells and whistles that they'll commit to riding for at least a year.

Whether you hope to be among those chosen for the car/bike exchange, or you just want to check out the festivities, here's the lineup for the 12 remaining tour dates:

Nashville, TN – 7/9
Chicago, IL – 7/16
Minneapolis, MN – 7/23
Milwaukee, WI – 7/30
Boise, ID – 8/20
Ft. Collins, CO – 9/3
Denver, CO – 9/10
San Francisco, CA – 9/24
San Diego, CA – 10/1
Los Angeles, CA – 10/8
Tempe, AZ – 10/15
Austin, TX – 10/22