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Friday, June 03, 2011

Drink of the Week: Bayerischer Bahnhof Leipziger Gose

Like a little salt and spice in your beer? In “So the Story Gose” from our May/June 2011 issue, writer Joshua Bernstein explores the resurgence of the ancient gose beer style in which brewers season their kettles with salt, coriander and often other spices, and today’s Drink of the Week—the Leipziger Gose from Bayerischer Bahnhof—is a classic example. First brewed in the 18th century, Leipziger Gose virtually fell into obscurity during Germany’s economic downturn in the mid-1960s, but in 2000, German brewer Thomas Schneider set about reviving the style. This resulting beer offers herbal and apple-y aromas, a distinctive tartness on the palate and a zesty finish of fresh lemon with a hint of salt. It’s incredibly refreshing and low in alcohol (4.5% ABV), making it just the thing for a sunny weekend in June.