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Friday, April 01, 2011

Drink of the Week: Cheerwine

It’s hard not to love a soda called Cheerwine, and today’s Drink of the Week proves the adoration is in more than just the name. A North Carolina favorite since 1917, this ruby-hued soda has been gaining a following across the rest of the country for its bright cherry flavors. The glass-bottled version is cane-sweetened, and its growing popularity has sites like Kegworks.com selling it online for $1.50 a pop, while plans for nationwide distribution are in the works. A super-refreshing sipper on its own, Cheerwine also adds a dose of brightness to cocktails, like this one from Tim Faulkner which combines the soda with apple brandy, Campari, sweet vermouth and maraschino. And for more on southern sodas, check out “Pop Culture” in our March/April issue. $1.50/bottle, kegworks.com