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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tanqueray's Quest for the Best T&T in America Is Complete

Last summer, Tanqueray’s Global Brand Ambassador Angus Winchester traveled across the pond to find America's best twist on a T&T. Winchester met with bartenders in 22 cities across the country and tested them on their gin knowledge, bartending skills and cocktail creativity. Each bartender was challenged to pull inspiration from a classic Gin & Tonic and create an updated version using Tanqueray as a base.

Tasting more 200 recipes along the way, Winchester chose one winner from each stop. Of the 22 finalists, only one cocktail could be named the Best T&T, and that winner was Eric Ho of Cleveland, Ohio, whose Beetnik’s Tonic combines beet-infused Tanqueray with tonic water and a dash of vinegar. His inspiration? "Restaurants are always busy, so I wanted to create a drink that could be crafted quickly but also have a lot of flavor," Ho says. "I just happened to be roasting beets for dinner one day and it dawned on me that the vegetable-sweetness of the roasted beets could meld well with the spicy and herbal notes of Tanqueray. I threw some of the roasted beets and Tanqueray into a jar and let the mix infuse. I knew it was right the next day when I smelled the infusion and it was a match made in heaven."

Click here to see Ho's full recipe, and check out Tanqueray's Facebook page to see more of Winchester's favorite T&T recipes.