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Friday, October 15, 2010

Drink of the Week: Sierra 30 Brewer's Reserve Grand Cru

For three decades, Sierra Nevada has been brewing some of the world’s finest craft beers, and to celebrate turning 30, the brewery has been celebrating all year with its 30th Anniversary Series, the fourth and final of which will be released this Monday. While the other three beers in the series were collaborative projects with craft brewing pioneers, such as Fritz Maytag, Fred Eckhardt and Charlie Papazian, this final release is a collaboration of three of Sierra Nevada’s most acclaimed brews—Oak-Aged Barefoot, Celebration and the flagship Pale Ale. Blended together, dry-hopped and then bottle-conditioned, the results are astoundingly familiar yet altogether unique, offering piney hop flavors, sweet caramel malts and a splash of vanilla on the finish. This is a great beer for cellaring, or enjoy it now alonside a rich fall stew. $10/750 ml., sierra30.com