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Friday, July 02, 2010

Drink of the Week: Beefeater Summer Gin

Summer is the perfect season for a classic Gin & Tonic, and over the holiday weekend, we’ll be mixing ours with the recently released Summer Gin from Beefeater. Lower in alcohol (this bottling clocks in at 80-proof versus the 94-proof classic Beefeater), master distiller Desmond Payne also toned down the juniper notes and added elderflower, black currant and hibiscus for a bright, floral flavor profile. Enjoy it as a sipping gin, mix it in a G&T or try it in the Tiberius Fizz from cocktail blogger Jacob Grier with hibiscus syrup, fresh cucumber and a splash of soda water. This limited-edition gin is available now in all major markets but will likely be gone by Labor Day, so get a bottle while you can.
$23, astorwines.com

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