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Friday, January 09, 2009

Drink of the Week: Ginger Toddy

I have mixed feelings about being sick—on one hand, the sore throat, sleepless nights and endless need for tissues make me curse the bug that infiltrated my immune system; on the other hand, having a cold is the perfect excuse to sip my way back to health (or at least to sleep) with a warming hot toddy. Enter Domaine de Canton, the baby-ginger and ginseng-infused VSOP Cognac handcrafted in Jarnac, France. When this soft yet spicy liqueur is mixed with brandy, tea and a touch of lemon, it’s worth a thousand sneezes. I’ve tried this toddy with both green and chamomile tea; while the green tea adds a nice grassy note to the ginger liqueur, the herbaceous chamomile harmonizes perfectly with the subtle ginger, brandy and lemon. For an added boost of spice, try steeping some fresh-chopped ginger root with the tea. —Tracy Howard

1 1/2 oz. Domaine de Canton
1/2 oz. brandy
6 oz. strong-brewed, hot chamomile tea
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
Glass: toddy or mug
Garnish: lemon twist (optional)

Combine all ingredients in your favorite tea mug and enjoy.