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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

T-Shirt Contest Winners

A big thanks to all of the readers who submitted designs for our first Imbibe t-shirt contest. We enjoyed all of the submissions, but a few entries stood out as the winners. Drumroll, please...

Grand Prize Winner: Nicole A. of Cerritos, Calif.
Nicole's design, below, illustrates the expansive world of drinks that Imbibe celebrates, from coffee to cocktails. She says, "There are an assortment of drinks in the world, so why not embody it in the form of a glass?" Congrats, Nicole—you'll be receiving six months of fresh-roasted coffee from the folks at Batdorf & Bronson and a Bodum French press to brew all that coffee!

Runner-Up: Alexa R. of Westfield, N.J.
Alexa took another twist on the drinking vessel theme, with each letter of the word Imbibe adorning a separate container. Congrats, Alexa—as a runner up, you've won the Ultimate Bloody Mary kit from Freshies (just in time for the perfect Bloody Mary season)!

Runner-up: RJ G. of New Orleans
RJ took a humorous approach to the contest, and he definitely got some laughs from our review team. Here's what might happen if you took it upon yourself to imbibe every drink idea in our Summer Drinks Guide at once (not recommended). RJ will also receive the Ultimate Bloody Mary kit from Freshies.

Runner Up: David D. of Portland, Ore.
David had us chuckling with his depiction of an Imbibe mouse tempted by olives on a pick. Thankfully, no mice were harmed in the designing of this shirt. David will also receive the Ultimate Bloody Mary kit from Freshies.

Thanks again for all the submissions—we had so much fun reviewing them that it took us longer than we thought to come to a decision! Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for waiting patiently for the results.