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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Spreading Good Cheer

On a belly-satisfying visit to the new North-Carolina inspired biscuit joint in town, Pine State Biscuits, I found bliss in addition to their amazing biscuits & shiitake mushroom gravy. Here, they stick to the theme and import flavors from their home state, including Winston-Salem's Texas Pete hot sauce and soda with a great name: Cheerwine.

Cheerwine is a cherry soda, in production since 1917, that's distributed primarily in the Southeastern US; Pine State Biscuits has a special distribution deal set up with the manufacturer. They serve the Retro version, made with real cane sugar instead of the usual high-fructose corn syrup. The sparkling soda doesn't have a lot of foam, so it's light and sweet, not as filling as cola.

One of the best parts about the whole experience was visiting Cheerwine's tongue-in-cheek website. It plays itself as a news channel site, complete with investigative reporting videos, and provides lots of laughs. You can even download Cheerwine desktop wallpaper.

—Siobhan Crosby


Darrin said...

I love this zine! the ycaryy it at my local Barnes & Noble! Found the blog through blogger profiles.

Anonymous said...

Siobhan - you can really write. I am quite impressed. Lenny D.

alan said...

This reminds of spending a few years in the south. A bottle of Cheerwine with a pulled pork sandwich was about as good as it gets.