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Monday, March 03, 2008

Reader Survey: OXO Drawing Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in our reader survey late last year. We had many responses and picked one lucky random winner among them to take home the OXO 11 piece barware set, which includes a full set of bar tools plus an ice bucket & tongs and the OXO cocktail shaker reviewed as a top pick in our Mar/Apr issue, now on newsstands.

Congratulations to Christian O'Connor of Maryland who will be mixing up cocktails in style soon. Christian was thrilled to hear the news—especially since he just moved and will be rearranging his home bar. The OXO barware set will make a great addition to his new home.

During the survey, we also partnered with Drop in the Bucket, a non-profit dedicated to bringing permanent sources of drinking water to Africa. We have made a donation for every response received to support their cause, so thank YOU, readers!


Anita said...

Is there some secret you used to get this OXO shaker to not leak? Check out the user reviews on Amazon for it -- apparently 50% of people who review it give it 1 star (as in "leaks to the point of being useless -- It's not just a drop here or there either"

Imbibe said...

Hi Anita,
We haven't found leaking to be a problem with this shaker. It actually has one of the strongest seals of any model we've used. We like to perfeformance of this one so much that we've started using it in our photo shoots where we need a shaker that won't leak on our drink sets. It's always possible that OXO improved on that point since those amazon reviews were written. Hope that helps. Cheers!