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Friday, December 28, 2007

My Darling Clementines

If you're like me and buy clementines by the crate when they're in season, you may be familiar with the last few that threaten to go bad before you can finish them all. Unwilling to let any go to waste, I juiced 8-10 clementines to yield about a pint of juice, and the next morning I made clementine/cava mimosas with brunch. The low-acid, sweet juice pairs well with crisp, dry, easy-drinking Segura Viudas Brut Cava. And this bubbly treat goes especially well with pancakes! Check out the current issue (page 18) for other ideas of winter citrus to use to spruce up your drinks this season.

My Darling Clementine
3 oz. fresh clementine juice
Glass: Champagne flute
Garnish: clementine wedge, wheel or twist

Pour clementine juice into a champagne flute, top with Cava or your favorite kind of bubbly and garnish.

—Siobhan Crosby

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A New Barista Champ for El Salvador

Considering that coffee grows all over the world, it makes sense that global coffee cultures would flourish in tandem. An offshoot of this culture has been the increasing number of barista competitions happening across the world. We were especially excited to hear about the first national barista competition in El Salvador, which took place recently in San Salvador. Lily de Bolaños from Viva Espresso in San Salvador beat out 18 other baristas for top honors and will now go on to represent El Salvador in the World Barista Championship next summer in Copenhagen. Her signature drink for the competition (pictured) combined espresso with ginger, sugarcane juice, cinnamon, allspice, vanilla and lime—sounds incredible!

Friday, December 21, 2007


December's a time for celebrations and entertaining, but it's also time for another perennial favorite: "Best Of" lists. The ladies over at the excellent all-encompassing online community Sugar Inc. ran a series of extensive polls earlier this month, asking readers to vote on everything from Best New TV character on BuzzSugar, to our favorite foodie and drinkie picks over at YumSugar.

We were so excited to discover that even though we're a drinks magazine, Imbibe got nominated for Best Food Magazine of 2007 and won as the Editor's Pick! Head over to YumSugar and check out the announcement. While you're there you might get hooked on Sugar like we have...the Sugar crew is quite creative (check out their 52 Weeks of Baking). Thanks, YumSugar!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Last-Minute Gift Ideas: Feeling Bookish

It's down to the shopping wire for this year's holidays. If you're still scratching your head for gift ideas, here's a list of books we love that are available for quick shipping from Amazon.com or in any Barnes & Noble bookstore:

  • What to Drink with What You Eat: A veritable encyclopedic reference for wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea, and food. See a sampling of 5 perfect pairs in our Sept/Oct 2007.

  • How's Your Drink?: James Beard Award-winning Wall Street Journal columnist Eric Felten brings literature, humor, history and time-tested recipes together in his tome about cocktail culture.

  • Coffee: Scrumptious Drinks and Treats: This bite-sized book about drinking and cooking with coffee will set you up with creative ways to get your caffeine fix. Coffee eggnog, anyone? See our Sept/Oct 2007 issue for the decadent Java Jolt Truffles recipe.

  • The Craft of the Cocktail Deck: This recipe deck makes a great stocking stuffer. And, with any luck, you'll be on the tasting panel for trying the recipes the lucky recipient makes all year long.

  • Wine Across America: Charles O'Rear and Daphne Larkin present a beautifull photographic road trip of wine cultivation and culture in the U.S.

Of course, we'd be remiss to omit one last gift idea we have on tap. A subscription to Imbibe gives all year at a great price—just $18 for your first gift and $15 for additional gifts. Order by 12/23 and your gift will start with our soon to-be-released Jan/Feb issue (arriving mid-January). While you're shopping the shelves for any of the books listed above, stop by the newsstand and pick up a copy of our Nov/Dec Holiday Drinks issue to stuff in a stocking or two to announce the gift.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Great Cocktail Contest

Attention, Imbibers! You'll be seeing an ad for this in your Jan/Feb issue (in the mail now), but we wanted to go ahead and let you know about another exciting contest on the horizon. Starting on January 1, you can enter to win a trip to Sicily and $1,500 cash by creating a winning Averna cocktail recipe. The submission deadline is March 31, 2008, at which point the field of entries will be judged and narrowed, and the top-scoring cocktails will be mixed at special Averna events during April. The four finalists from those events will each win a trip to Sicily in May to compete for the grand cash prize. Averna is a fantastic ingredient to work with, so this should be a fun exercise in cocktail-making. You have a while to come up with a winning recipe, so start experimenting now, and make us proud—we can't wait to see who wins this one! Click here for more info.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Science in the Kitchen

On January 19, the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI) will be hosting an evening of adventurous cocktail and food alchemy. If you live around Portland, or will be in town, you can join some of the country’s top chefs and mixologists, including Homaro Cantu, Lucy Brennan, Paul Liebrandt, Gabriel Rucker and more, for what looks to be one of the city's most fascinating food and drink events. Tickets for the dinner and auction are sold out, but you can still get tickets for the Cocktail Chemistry & Appetizer Alchemy gathering from 5–9 p.m. For more info and to buy tickets, click here. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What Did the Rabbit Say to the Wine Bottle?

Answer this question, and could find yourself with an extra $1,000. The folks at Metrokane (makers of the Rabbit wine bottle opener) want you to send in your most clever, creative or profound response by January 1, 2008, and the top five answers will win $1,000; Even 25 runners-up will get a Rabbit Corkscrew. So start brainsorming, Imbibers! Click here for details.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Don't Touch that Dial: Imbibe on TV

Earlier this week, our publisher, Karen Foley, appeared on Portland's AM Northwest program on ABC to share festive holiday drinks recipes from Imbibe. You may have seen these tasty cocktails and mocktails on our pages, but now you can see them mixed up on live morning TV!

Karen shares the Belle de Jour (from Jackson Cannon, Eastern Standard in Boston) and Champagne Pear (from Kelley Swenson, Ten 01 in Portland) cocktails from the Nov/Dec 07 issue as well as a super-quick rendition of Imbibe's own mocktail from Nov/Dec 06: The Ruby Sparkler.

A few notes for the curious: The prosecco is Fantinel, which is a really nice bubbly that runs ony about $15 a bottle, and the grenadine is from Stirrings, a great store-bought option if you don't have time to make your own. We used an Anjou pear for the Ruby Sparkler (juicy and sweet), and we had a Concorde pear (nice and crisp) ready for garnising on the Champagne Pear, but as you'll see, we were crunched for time.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Raise a Glass for National Lager Day

Of origins unknown (and why ask why, to quote the well-known ad slogan), today is National Lager Day. Celebrate by enjoying a classic, American lager like the ones featured in our May/June 07 issue article, "Not Your Daddy's Lager." A couple of our favorites:

Victory Lager - Downingtown, Pa.
This German-style lager pours pale yellow with a light, lacy head. It's a well-rounded beer with a nice malt presence upfront and a touch of hops on the end.

Brooklyn Lager - Brooklyn, N.Y.
Hops! With a floral aroma upfront, a touch of citrus, and more bitterness than most American lagers.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Time for Egg Nog

Egg nog is one of those obligatory drinks that people expect to see at holiday parties, but there's definitely something comforting about this old standby. There are endless recipes out there, but this week, the folks at Mt. Gay partnered with bartender Jonathan Pogash at The World Bar in New York City for a little egg nog celebration of their own, so we thought we'd pass along Jonathan's recipe. Of course, egg nog often calls for bourbon and/or brandy, but this recipe is a nice twist on a classic holiday treat. If you're planning to make egg nog this year, definitely make it from scratch—homemade nog beats the pants off the store-bought stuff anyday.

The World Bar Egg Nog
10 large, grade AA eggs, separated
1 cup superfine sugar
3 cups heavy cream
2 cups Mount Gay Eclipse Rum
6 tsp. pure almond extract
6 tsp. pure vanilla extract
1 tsp. freshly grated nutmeg
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
Glass: cocktail, wine or flute
Garnish: grated nutmeg and cinnamon

Separate eggs into two bowls. Beat yolks until stiff, and beat whites with half the sugar until peaks form. Slowly fold whites and yolks together. Separately, beat cream with almond extract, vanilla and remaining sugar in a bowl until stiff. Slowly fold in cream with egg mixture. Add rum and stir gently. Refrigerate overnight, or serve immediately. Serves 18–20.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Repeal Day!

Prohibition ended December 5, 1933, and spirits began to flow back into the veins of our (theoretically) bone-dry nation. Celebrate your freedom to drink with a stellar cocktail like this one, which we featured in our very first issue and continue to enjoy today. Credit goes to Imbibe's beloved columnist, Ted Haigh (aka Dr. Cocktail), for putting his unique spin on the classic Blinker.

Dr. Cocktail's Blinker
2 oz. rye whiskey
1/2 oz. grapefruit juice (fresh and never pink)
1 barspoon raspberry syrup (not the kind you add to coffee; the kind you drizzle on ice cream—thick and lumpy)
Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: cocktail
Garnish: lemon twist

Shake ingredients with ice, strain into a chilled glass and garnish.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Holiday Booze Bazaar

If you're in Portland on Saturday, December 15, be sure to stop by House Spirits for the Holiday Booze Bazaar. Aside from checking out the distillery's very cool digs, you'll be able to sample their delicious wares, as well as grappas from Ransom Spirits and chocolates from Xocolatl de David (they make an amazing bacon chocolate!). Christian and Lee of House Spirits will also be mixing up some great cocktails, including the fantastic "Spiced Orange" from the Nov/Dec issue of Imbibe, and we'll be on hand with plenty of holiday issues and special gift offers. This was a really fun event last year, and we can't wait to do it again. So feel free to swing by—we'd love to see you!

WHEN: Saturday, December 15, Noon–5 p.m.
WHERE: 2025 SE 7th Ave., Portland, OR

Monday, December 03, 2007

Worry-free Spills

With the holidays kicking into full gear, many of us are attending or throwing more parties than usual. Normally for us, this would be the time of year for wearing all black since wine or other drink stains seem to be an inevitable result of all of this merriment. But fortunately this year we’re pulling out the white shirts and tablecloths because we’ve found a great fix. It’s called Wine Away, and it’s a stain remover that actually works. Aside from the fact that it does what it says it will, we appreciate that it’s not full of nasty chemicals, it’s cheap, easy to find, and it comes in a handy travel-sized bottle that you can throw in a handbag. Plus, it’s made by an independent company run by a mother and daughter team—gotta love that!