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Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Price Wine?

Have an extra $750 weighing down your wallet? You could book a five-night Caribbean vacation. Or, you could buy a glass of wine. That's right, for just three-quarters of 1000 aces, a 6-ounce pour of wine can be yours on Sept. 28 at Eno, the wine, cheese and chocolate shop at Chicago's InterContinental Hotel. To be fair, it's not just any glass of grape nectar—we're talking about a Château Latour 1945 Bordeaux. But if you're the sensible type, and you'd rather use the clams to buy your kid braces, you could always settle for the wee 2-ounce pour. That one will set you back a mere $250.


Anonymous said...

pfffft. That's absurd, no matter what chateau or year it came from.