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Monday, November 13, 2006

Mixology Monday IX: Bitters

Another Mixology Monday, another batch of great cocktails! Check out this month's host blog, A Dash of Bitters, for links to recipes that call for bitters. Thanks Michael!

Bitters give an herbal kick to many classic and classic-inspired cocktails. When we heard the zesty additive would be the star of MxMo, our minds traveled to another type of bitter; we thought of a contemporary drink that's built around Becherovka, a deliciously herbal, warming, bitter aperitif from the Czech Republic.

The Metamorphosis was created by Jackson Cannon, bar manager at Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks in Boston. "This rejuvenating aperitif, named for [Prague-born writer] Franz Kafka's seminal work, inspires transformation—it's good for preparing for a meal," Jackson tells us. Find it and many more great winter drink recipes in the November/December issue of Imbibe, on newsstands now. Photo, above right, by Lauren Coleman

The Metamorphosis

2 oz. Becherovka (find it at Wally's Wine & Spirits and other well-stocked spirits shops)
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
1 oz. clover honey syrup (heat equal parts clover honey and water on the stove to create a thin syrup)
Tools: saucepan, shaker, strainer
Glass: cocktail
Garnish: lemon twist wheel

Combine ingredients in ice-filled shaker. Shake, strain into glass and garnish.


Dave said...

ooh la la. I saw this in the new issue but this just reminded me I need to try it. I had Bech. when I was in prague but haven't since.Do you know how long a bottle of ot stays good? If memory serves, the bottles are pretty big.

Ken said...

I've had a bottle for several months stored in my liquor cabinet and its kept just fine...but I'd be interested to hear otherwise.

Imbibe Magazine said...

At 38 percent alcohol, an open bottle of Becherovka should keep several months and even years. As with any other spirit, just keep the lid on and keep the bottle away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

In the pan with the water & clover honey, I steeped two cloves for a bit, then took them out. I think this added a bit of depth to the flavor. Thanks for posting this!