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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lovely Saketinis

This week, our friends at SakeOne threw a party for the launch of “saketini,” a lovely pocket-sized booklet filled with fantastic sake-based cocktail recipes. The recipes were developed by the incredibly talented Lucy Brennan, who co-hosted the party at Mint/820, her bar and restaurant in Portland. Sake is delicious on its own, but it’s also amazing as a base for cocktails. The saketinis we tried blew us away, so we had to share the recipes with you—enjoy!

G Sling (pictured)
2 oz. G sake
1 oz. Cruzan banana rum
1 oz. fresh lemon/lime juice
1 oz. fresh simple syrup

Serve on the rocks with a lime slice and a flower (edible, of course).

Pear Flower
1 1/2 oz. Moonstone Asian Pear sake
1 oz. Crater Lake vodka (Bendistillery)
1 oz. fresh lemon/lime juice
1 oz. jasmine syrup

Shake ingredients vigorously, strain into a glass and garnish with a flower.

Dragon Milk
2 oz. Momokawa Pearl sake
1 oz. fresh lemon/lime juice
1 oz. coconut syrup
1 oz. fresh simple syrup
1/4 oz. half & half

Shake ingredients vigorously, strain into a glass and garnish with a flower.


Italian Wine Guy® said...

I really wish there was a guide, or a way, for those of us who love wine, to navigate through the different sake on a list..or better if the restaurant ( or supplier) would make that easier.

nice posting
Alfonso Cevola
On the Wine Trail in Italy

Imbibe Magazine said...

Beau Timken and Sara Deseran's Sake: A Modern Guide is a great primer. Beau breaks down the different types of sake and also gives tasting notes for 50 popular sakes. The book includes several well-photographed sake cocktail recipes too.

Italian Wine Guy® said...


will order it today...


Dewey Weddington said...

Great question. Beau's book is very well done and I highly recommend it. Also, if you visit www.sakeone.com and go into the "Saké" header you will find "Saké 101." This is a complimentary source of information regarding saké making, terms, and enjoyment. There are also more wonderful sakétini recipes and saké information on the site.

Trish said...

I discovered your last issue at Whoel Foods and loved the sake recipes. I made the melon infusion for a party and my friends loved it. I can't wait to try these new ones. Is the banana rum very hard to find?

Imbibe Magazine said...

Cruzan is a pretty widely available rum, but if they don't have it available at your local spirits shop, you can order it online at BevMo.com.

Anonymous said...

These cocktail recipes are great! Thank you!